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Quick Start Guide

1 Player

  1. Remove the two [Scrokers] from the deck.
  2. Click on Scrolitaire above.  Jump to the rules for Four Play.

2 - 5 Players

  1. Remove the two [Scrokers] from the deck.
  2. Click on Scrummy above.  Jump to the rules for Scrummy.


When reading the rules, if you see a word in hypertext, a definition resides in the glossary for that word. if you choose to click on it to review the definition, using your browser's "Back" function is essential for returning you back to the spot you left (try it once here if you like). Don't feel compelled to check the definition every time--the link is just there if you want it.


In order to play either of the games suggested in this Quick Start Guide at a novice level, very little understanding of the structure of the Scroker deck is required. Therefore, diving right into one of these games may very well provide the light-hearted submersion a player seeks when first getting feet wet.

However, in order to perceive and capitalize upon the nuances of these games, as well as every other game on this site, players eventually need to become familiar with the ordering system of the deck. Some games have little substance without all players having a thorough knowledge of exactly what cards are in the deck and their relative importance to each other—not much unlike most games of the well known court. When you are ready for that next level, start wading through The Basics.